Wednesday, December 8, 2010

End Of Light Phenomenon Project

Our last part of the light phenomenon project was to design a luminaire that related to your early phenomenon that we photographed. My piece was about bending light. WHat's interesting is the piece looks to be bending ever more so when the lights are off.

I started off by making several different types of cones with paper to see what I could use in my final. My first sketch model of my design looked like this:
At first I intended to hang it from the ceiling and have different shadows of circles casted on the floor. When playing with the sketch model a happy accident occurred when I flipped it up-side down and realized how interesting it was. 

Seeing Others hard work pay off

This semester we had the chance to visit and see other upper years work. My group was assigned to third year critiques. Third year students had two projects this semester, one to design the interior space of Central Regional Hospital and the other was to re vamp a building in downtown durham off of W Parish Street.

When viewing all of the layouts and ideas I came across one that caught my eye by a girl named Kaitlyn O'boyle. Her concept was the seasons and the emotions each one evoked. The layout to me was very childlike, which was what the assignment was aimed towards. It expressed a happy sense of emotion which i enjoyed. There was color in her design but not too much.

106 Parish street is a building that will be turned into a wine bar on the first floor, with lofts on the second and third. The task the designers took on was trying to integrate the retail as well as residential spaces together. My favorite one was titled Lantern. This group talked a bout a bazaar which is like a flea market. The textures and material as well as lighting gave off a nice glowing feel.

Looking Back

This semester I created many drawings. Looking back on them, I see the growth in my work. Although I had previously taken a few drafting classes, they were nothing like this one. Each drawing presented a new challenge for me and I had to push forward. 

I learned so much though. The most enjoyable part of this class was the sketching of self- portraits. The self portraits i believe were my most successful drawings out of all. They have more detail than any other drawings in my sketchbook.