Friday, April 29, 2011

BP 14

Object: CRX

My car is a big influence. I have been the owner of 3 hondas, 2 civics and currently a crx. The body style of this car is very appealing to me. Although it is a bit boxy, the hatch makes it much more aerodynamic. These cars are also very fuel efficient 40+ MPG :)

A crx meet in Ohio

Space: Bust Your Butt Falls

This space is one that I have truly grown to love. The atmosphere of this space is what pulls me in. I have been going to this space ever since I was little and every time we go the rocks change, so we climb them every time. There is a rope swing off to the right that is used often in the summer. During the summer months it can get pretty crowded by tourists but they add life to this unique space and make it that much more interesting.

Building: Syndney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is an inspirational building to me because of the way it is constructed.  The folds in the building seem to implicate the sails of a ship. In a way a singer voice, reaching the highest peak of their performance, the notes traveling upward with the folds in the building.

Place: Highlands, NC

I have been going to Highlands NC ever since I was a young girl. It has always been a place full of inspiration for me. All the love and heart you feel from the locals makes me always want to come back. My great grandfather was a preacher who traveled that area for many years spreading the word. He had a small piece of land that was passed down to my grandparents. Once they retired they moved up there year round. I visit several times a year. I love to just drive up the mountain roads and look out my window, staring at all the amazing stone work done to several houses, with large glass windows over looking the gorgeous view. To me this place brings in so much love and is truly a huge part of who I am.

Cullasaja Falls located in Highlands
The view over looking the Blue Valley from Higlands.

A local Frozen yogurt spot that I stop at overtime I visit Highlands.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Extra Credit

“The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”
Two views of design...
Media vs. Eames Legacy
Today in my group we talked about how important the “whole” is.  Media portrays design as being really simple, all about surface, no substance. In reality design consists of thousands of trial and error processes. HGTV design shows make it seem like everything just poofs into place. That is why education is important in a sense. With an education you learn the facts and are able to challenge yourself. Your views are not just directed towards what has always inspired you, but you take a wider approach. You can learn from not only going to school though. Experiences can be gained from traveling the world, looking at magazines and just paying close attention to your surroundings.  
After all a television show is only 22 minutes long, how much process can they show in such a short amount of time. Design shows fail to tie in an over all concept, or make the whole building or space work together. The whole space is much more important than all the neat individual spaces. 
Eames was all about his belief and stuck to how he felt as a designer. Many designers on TV change their work to please their audience and don’t do what they believe in. Eames didn’t change for anyone, and that is what made him famous. Designers today are constantly altering their work to please the public eye, piecing things together as they see fit.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BP 13

Scandinavian Modernism

Example: Saint Catherine's College, Oxford

Scandinavian modernism also known as swedish modernism has changed design as we know it today. 
It's philosophy: "Beauty for all" has been carried on by the phenomenon we know as IKEA.
The geometric shapes and clean lines have become a big part of the design style we see today.
The style is functional furniture, natural materials, light wood, white, and accents of color. 

This particular place: Saint Catherine's College shows a great example of scandinavian modernism. In this building they use natural materials and make the space look functional. 

This style of modernism has impacted us tremendously in the design world today. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Color Week!

Color week we learned about how to find the middle mix of two colors and more. We created a "harmony" between colors. This week was fun because we got to experiment and use color aid paper. Although it was super expensive! haha

Saturday, April 9, 2011

RR 12

BP 12

Good design for all!

A park, a park is a place anyone can come to. Lots of activities are done in this space. A park is designed with everyone in mind. Parks are used by different cultures as a meeting and playing place for everyone. Therefore a park is a space in which good design for all is followed!
This is part of the park where children come to play.

Parents and adults have this space to view the landscape and do what they wish.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Falling water or Monticello?

Falling water!

The details in the building are created by working around the trees and topography that stood before the building. These beams are made around the trees, so the trees are not torn down. This building combined with the site showcase a work of art. The two create a harmonious environment.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

rr 11

bp 11

The rise of modernism...

        Why was it so important for something to be considered modern?

In architecture and design people at the beginning of the twentieth century were searching for something new, something better.

With technology today we do the same thing. Take cell phones for instance every month or so a new phone is coming out, better than the one before it. We are constantly searching and experimenting to make the latest product better.
The iphone, specifically, was considered the most modern and advanced phone, for a few months. The phone is very sleek and clean, geometrical and easy to use.