Friday, April 29, 2011

BP 14

Object: CRX

My car is a big influence. I have been the owner of 3 hondas, 2 civics and currently a crx. The body style of this car is very appealing to me. Although it is a bit boxy, the hatch makes it much more aerodynamic. These cars are also very fuel efficient 40+ MPG :)

A crx meet in Ohio

Space: Bust Your Butt Falls

This space is one that I have truly grown to love. The atmosphere of this space is what pulls me in. I have been going to this space ever since I was little and every time we go the rocks change, so we climb them every time. There is a rope swing off to the right that is used often in the summer. During the summer months it can get pretty crowded by tourists but they add life to this unique space and make it that much more interesting.

Building: Syndney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is an inspirational building to me because of the way it is constructed.  The folds in the building seem to implicate the sails of a ship. In a way a singer voice, reaching the highest peak of their performance, the notes traveling upward with the folds in the building.

Place: Highlands, NC

I have been going to Highlands NC ever since I was a young girl. It has always been a place full of inspiration for me. All the love and heart you feel from the locals makes me always want to come back. My great grandfather was a preacher who traveled that area for many years spreading the word. He had a small piece of land that was passed down to my grandparents. Once they retired they moved up there year round. I visit several times a year. I love to just drive up the mountain roads and look out my window, staring at all the amazing stone work done to several houses, with large glass windows over looking the gorgeous view. To me this place brings in so much love and is truly a huge part of who I am.

Cullasaja Falls located in Highlands
The view over looking the Blue Valley from Higlands.

A local Frozen yogurt spot that I stop at overtime I visit Highlands.

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